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 Post subject: Update 4.19.224 - Balancing Ganging/Fake Wars, Pinned Posts
PostPosted: 04 Sep 2019, 16:29 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Latest Update:
  • Balancing addressing "Ganging" and "Fake Wars": in addition to 1x penalties when declaring war, there is now a per turn penalty for wars you have started. For each declaration of war on a given nation, a happiness penalty of -1% (capped at -3%) is applied every turn. The penalty is only applied if you were amongst the ones declaring war against a nation. This is loosely based on the following feature request: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5765
  • Balancing: a player that has been war declared upon, will NOT receive happiness losses anymore for lost battles. Only an aggressor, i.e. player that declared war on someone, can lose happiness for battles lost against that other player.
  • Balancing: additional pending update for happiness (fake wars). Need to wait until most clients are up-to-date to make LIVE (will come next update).
  • Manual Updated: "Diplomacy (per turn)" explains the new diplomacy system were penalties for wars are applied each turn for declaring war (in addition to 1x penalties).
  • Manual Updated: further explained what is considered an unfair game setup, may it be by a player or clan.
  • AI: updated to work with new happiness system (penalties per turn).
  • Networking (sync. errors): improve synchronization reducing "Syncing Errors" due to high latency connections.
  • Networking (performance): code improvement removing dubious 'synchronization' blocks and also properly releasing connections after usage.
  • Pinned Posts (for Wall): the wall now supports pinned posts! This is now available for the main wall, plus clan/team walls. Only members with correct permissions can pin or unpin wall posts. If you are running an old version of the game, please upgrade. The game won't crash, but due to pinned posts, the wall will not always appear to work correctly (little bit funky).
  • Clan Icon: the user's head image-button now shows a clan icon (star within a circle) to indicate a player is in a clan. If there is space the clan's name is shown next to the username. Only available for displays where the clan information was loaded (might not be loaded everywhere).
  • GUI: some label's brightness/contrast has been slightly increased for better visibility (easier to read).
  • GUI: main user communication popup now taller if you are on a bigger screen.
  • GUI: option to copy wall posts with formatting code also (rather than just the text).
  • GUI: misc. minor UI tweaks & adjustments.
  • Modding: checkboxes added to set defaults for scenarios. Includes fog of war ON/OFF and commando unit ON/OFF (by default) for each scenario.
  • Modding: open travel options ON/OFF (ditto game setup) is now added as default behavior that can be customized for each scenario.
  • Language: latest translations added - Thanks :-D
  • Spelling: misc. minor fixes (also in code/documentation).
  • Max. FPS (Frames/Second): updated to 120 FPS max. for foreground rendering (if the monitor supports it).
  • Maintenance: backend libGDX library updated to version 1.9.9.
  • Maintenance: internal code cleanup/misc. refactorings.
  • Maintenance: legacy code removed. If you are running an old version (6+ months) of the game, please upgrade. You will not be able to connect otherwise anymore.
  • Performance: memory usage reduced/optimized.
  • Clan Restrictions/Member Recruitment: the previous restrictions have been removed. Please note, clans ending up with more clan players in game than allowed on constant basis will be reprimanded.
  • Clan Member Recruitment: manual updated to explain that repeatedly violating the rules ending up with more clan players in a game will have consequences for a clan and its leaders.
  • Moderators: Officers are now able to delete games that have not started yet (e.g. games setup in bad faith).
  • Steam: separate 32bit & 64bit Linux builds now available for download (should work on 64bit systems where it didn't work before).
  • Server: updated/improved RAID disk array monitoring (detection if missing also).
  • Bugfix: mouse wheel and rollover effects should now work properly on all devices where supported.
  • Bugfix: potential bugfix loading assets in render-thread during boot (potentially prevents it being stuck during startup?).
  • Bugfix: potentially fixes app hanging/crashing during purchasing (especially iOS). gdx-pay library updated.
  • Bugfix: pending translation count was different from the correct value (auto-fixing functionality added).
  • Bugfix: wall message loading could sometimes get stuck for bad connections (should now properly continue).
  • Bugfix (server): database column wasn't big enough for some data resulting in errors during purchases.
  • Bugfix Crashes: using a bad internet connection!
  • Bugfix Crashes: bugfix crashes when viewing detail information for an invalid player (info was 'null' resulting in crashes).
  • Bugfix Crashes: while viewing user profile without all data being available (crashing trying to access 'null'-data).
  • Bugfix Crashes: when system environment could not be determined.

play: Age of Conquest IV

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