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 Post subject: TheRepublic
PostPosted: 24 Sep 2018, 23:15 

Joined: 09 Sep 2018, 02:04
Posts: 2
The Chancellor
Post subject: Res PublicaPostPosted: 09 Aug 2018, 00:31

Joined: 09 Aug 2018, 00:24
Posts: 1
July 24th the Republic has declared its existence and independence. We started as poor and weak colony but today, the 9th of August, we have grown and have plenty of citizens to do our first election. Also today our Constitution is finally created.


1. The Republic is independent and democratic clan.

2. Every Citizen of the Republic have equal rights including right to vote in elections and referendums.

3. The Constitution is the most important Law by which the life and organisation of the Republic goes.

4. The Chancellor is a citizen of the Republic who protects and guarantees the Constitution. The Chancellor must organize elections and referendums with the President (if any) and ensures compliance with the Constitution. The Chancellor has the right to control or influence the President or manipulate the political situation and public opinion, but only partially. The Chancellor must do what the President asks, but this must be in accordance with the constitution.
The Chancellor chooses who will be the next Chancellor. If there is no chancellor, and the previous one does not choose a new chancellor, then he must be elected. The Chancellor has the rights of the owner in the clan. The chancellor can take his place as long as necessary.

5. The President is elected leader of the Republic. The President can do whatever he/she wants as long as it follows the Constitution and the Law. President has rights of admin to prevent political coup. If President needs actions of owner he/she has to ask the Chancellor. Chancellor cannot become President - he has to stop being Chancellor first

6. The President is elected for 2 weeks. One Citizen is not allowed to become President more then two times in the row. On the second week the new election will be hold: during first 4 days of week candidates must declare that they want to take part in election to become President. During the last 3 days of week the election will be hold - every Citizen can vote. The candidate with more votes will become new President on Monday. The previous and new Presidents must give speeches on clan wall and optionally on game wall. The admin privileges are taken from previous President and given to new one.

7. The Constitution can be edited by Chancellor during August 2018 - after that it can be changed only by referendum.

8. The very important decisions must be done using referendum. The referendum must last at least 3 days and have 65% votes of active Citizens of the Republic to be accepted. The deportation of player has to be done through referendum. Chancellor can decide if certain decision requires referendum.

9. The Chancellor user on this forum must be owned by current Chancellor in the Repuclic so he/she can edit this post as needed. So previous Chancellor must give password to new Chancellor. If Chancellor did not leave password, the new Chancellor has to ask the admins of this forum to give his this account. Chancellor can use this account only for this post and for other needs use only his own account. This account is property of The Republic.In addition, the Chancellor may publish this information from his account, but the next Chancellor will have to continue or switch to the new system. In this case, it is.

List of Presidnets
1.Александр(9 August-23 August)
2.Ega59 (23 Agust-6 September)
3.Sarubatu(6 September-20 September)
4.Sarubatu(20 September-4 Octember)
5.Gameplayer974(4 October-18 October)
6.EJAKnolimitIND(18 October-31 October)
7.Jeyhun(14 November-28 Nowember)
8.Amir5(28 November-12 December)
List of Chancellors
1. dagon6078(24 July-26 August)
2.Александр(26 August-

Republican public history.
The history of the republic began with DeadGuns. There was an absolute monarchy in DeadGuns. Initially there was one monarch in the clan, but later there were three of them, but in July Alexander and Gal 45 were overthrown. After that, Alexander and his friend Dangon created our favorite republic. August 26 there was a quick resignation of Dungona. Then Alexander came to the post of chancellor. On September 21, an opposition was formed headed by former President Sarubat under the name of Legends, but Alexander won, and the republic became many times stronger, but the legends remained as a clan. After that, he gathered experienced players such as: Jeyhun, Amir5. Alexander delivered a big speech on the eve of the new 2019. After this famous speech, Alexander conducted a big reform, laying the foundation for future breakthroughs, the reform was carried out (January 1 - January 14).

Establishment of a republic

Constitution creation
Dangon resigned

Alexander's arrival to the post of chancellor

Restoration and improvement of the growth rate of the republic with the best winner named Sarubat

Creation of a coalition of the former president of the republic with the name Sarubatu

The defeat of Sarubat and the creation of the Legend clan by the former president of Sarubat.

Strengthening the republic and recruiting experienced players, becoming the best clan in fast games

Problems with moderators, getting a flag, maintaining status

Great reform and preservation of the status of the best clan in fast games, breakthrough, big plans


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