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 Post subject: Update 1.11.79 - Game Setup, UI, Translations & Misc.
PostPosted: 23 Jul 2018, 21:57 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Joined: 17 Apr 2005, 02:34
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Latest Update:
  • Game Setup/Research: option to reset research to nothing or everything researched (advanced options during game setup).
  • Incognito Games: game owner is now hidden also (unless you are a moderator).
  • Team Tournaments: bugfix for wrong team assignments after the 2. round in a team tournament. The players where randomized by mistake. Should possibly fix the bug (unless there is more?).
  • Team Tournaments: improved assignement of clan members to teams giving priority to teams that have signed up with a correct number of players (divisible by team size).
  • Coin Betting: max. amount is now 5 coins (to prevent abuse).
  • Menu Screens: slightly improved the GUI/layout (especially single player section).
  • Load Screen/Indicators: added progress-% indicators for (a) creating new games and (b) loading existing games.
  • Device Vibrations: can now be turned off while unchecking "Device Vibrations" in the game's settings.
  • Tutorial/Portrait: the tutorial in portrait mode now also shows what the extra unit action buttons represent.
  • Translations: latest translations added - Thanks :-D
  • Translations: missing glyphs for Greek & Chinese added.
  • Translation Texts: missing translation keys added for misc. countries incl. Japan, China, etc. (modern world map).
  • Translations Chat (Automatic): I implemented a translation system that auto-translates texts to a player's local language. Will be available with the next major update :)
  • Admin: functionality to rename games added (via game information popup).
  • Admin Guide: updated to ensure moderator accounts have a secure password (introduction).
  • Admin Terminal: bugfix for permission system.
  • Server Maintenance: logging improved to track changes better.
  • Bugfix "Recognition": the leader for the recognition ballet would always get the -30% penalty, even though only e.g. 1 nation voted nay!
  • Bugfix Cursor: text input cursor wasn't blinking anymore.
  • Bugfix Chat: underline below username was extended too far during incognito games.
  • Bugfix Images: proxy images would partly not properly be loaded causing bad side effects.
  • Bugfix Timestamp: wasn't properly working anymore for all platforms (e.g. problems on Android).
  • Bugfix L & F: look and feel not always properly updated (due to GUIDropdown crashes) after loading.
  • Bugfix Crashes: when applying new look & feel to dropdown (wrong class cast).
  • Bugfix Crashes: opening city view when there is not owner (or became neutral).
  • Bugfix Crashes: when map panel wasn't properly initialized yet.
  • Bugfix Crashes: when device time was set far in the past.

play: Age of Conquest IV

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