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 Post subject: Update 1.4.50 - GUI Reworked, new FREE Map, Balancing
PostPosted: 25 Oct 2017, 22:42 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Joined: 17 Apr 2005, 02:34
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Latest Update:
  • Maps (offical & default): the latest version of the default and official maps now give a defense-effect to (a) harbors and (b) airfields if troops are hosted inside.
  • Map/Ancient Europe: didn't have coloring for team-games, i.e. they were all white.
  • Archers (or Artillery): will now take over a city/structure if strength is reduced to 0! Was just continuing shooting from afar even though the city could have been conquered.
  • Archers (or Artillery): did investigate being unable to unload those troops into a harbor, but could not reproduce the error. Seems to unload just fine!?
  • Portrait Orientation: the game now fully works in portrait orientation. Please note, if there are some popups/etc. that cannot be closed (i.e. I forgot to optimize for PORTRAIT orientation), go and change the screen to landscape orientation and it should work as before.
  • GUI: compacted the user account specific GUIs into one popup to reduce clutter.
  • GUI: compacted the chat interface to be just chat-related to reduce clutter.
  • GUI: centered some of the dialogs that were off-center (noticeable especially on small screens).
  • GUI: update for mail panels to remember & scroll to the correct positions as needed.
  • GUI: overhaul of main GUI look. Removed clutter, increased space and improved centering.
  • GUI: slow games section now has the message board added back in! Please note, if there is just garbage being posted, it will be removed in the future. You have been warned :-P
  • GUI/In-Game: dialogs updated with new look. Also updated misc. other panels.
  • GUI/In-Game: slightly shrunk the top/center in-game GUI to increase map view!
  • GUI/In-Game: the random Inquires tab is now hidden if not actually used, i.e. for pretty much all multiplayer games.
  • GUI: misc. other minor improvements & fixes.
  • End Turn Dialog: now shows what's missing, e.g. unread notifications or no actions entered.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: ESC or BACK buttons now also close dialogs/popups and can be used to navigate, i.e. going 1 step back.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: ESC+SHIFT to enter/exit fullscreen mode (was ESC without shift before).
  • Full Inputs: per default, now all the input buttons, incl. the back-button are shown. If you'd like a minified view, enable the "Minified Options" in the game's settings.
  • Balancing: This is to increase order execution fairness. A player will always get the next possible movement/attack order executed (skipped orders for the player are ignored before moving on to the next player). That way, a player should always get at least one order executed, reducing the likelyhood of a player not being able to move at all during a turn.
  • Diplomacy (setup): during game setup, if a scenario had teams, all teams and non-team nations would be at war with each other by default when the game starts. Existing diplomacy settings were not honored. The setup has changed so existing diplomacy is honored as long as not every nation is assigned to a team. Resolves "The World Wars": viewtopic.php?f=63&t=5378
  • AI Fixes: division by 0 could cause the AI not to execute certain orders and not move at all during a turn.
  • Banned or Silenced Users: cannot send message via clan anymore (only direct messages to the moderators group are now possible).
  • Manual/FAQ: tournaments and leagues explained in further detail.
  • Translations: latest translations added - Thanks :-D
  • Modding: please download & apply the latest template.ZIP for the website to have defense-effects for (a) harbors and (b) airfields if troops are hosted inside!
  • Modding: minimum strength for all troops/structures has to be 1+ (not 0). Setting the minimum strength to 0 was producing problems during the 1. turn of a game.
  • Memory Management (Crashes): largely reduced memory usage when loading specific scenarios from a map bundle. Should reduce crashes due to out of memory errors!
  • Performance update: loading of private messages should now be faster. All at once rather than 1-by-1.
  • Performance Update (minor): text manipulations now use less memory and are faster (text replacements).
  • Bugfix: Broadcast button for tournaments and leagues was always disabled. Should now be enabled correctly!
  • Bugfix Crashes: while modding and map got resized.
  • Bugfix Crashes: creating the overview map could produce crashes on bad graphics/OpenGL drivers. Instead, the game will now just show a blank overview map. Please update your graphics drivers if you have the problem!
  • Bugfix Crashes: not being able to load a bundle will result in an error (rather than a crash).

play: Age of Conquest IV

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