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 Post subject: Update 0.9.18 - End Game Statistics, Graphics, Balancing
PostPosted: 03 Apr 2017, 20:20 
Game Developer
Game Developer
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Latest Update:
  • Game Ended Screen: the end-game screen is now vastly improved with various additional statistics & better layouting :-D
  • Game Ended/Player Eliminated: some basic statistics stay now enabled and can still be accessed, i.e. the analysis and objective.
  • Balancing/Team Games: due to the many player requests, I have re-enabled (a) diplomacy and (b) elections by default for non-team matches. Please turn off as needed :-P
  • Balancing/Administration Cost: changed formula for the administration cost to 1/sqrt(x) where x is proportional to the population/nation size. As a positive (hopefully), if you hold a fertility festival, the income should now always increase (and not go down).
  • Overview Map: can now be opened & closed.
  • Overview Map: there is a button that switches the map display between nation-based coloring and diplomacy-based coloring.
  • GUI Fixes: the top/centered main HUD during game-play was preventing some map-clicks from passing through. That should now be fixed and the provinces close to the main HUD at the top/center are now selectable.
  • Map Coloring: neutral tiles are now more colorful/saturated (needs more?). They were too bland beforehand.
  • Mediterranean Sea 1.0.1: troop action points (travel distances) slightly reduced.
  • Mediterranean Sea 1.0.1: scenario & story description fixed.
  • Rankings Table: now also shows the clan's (if any) a user does belong to :-D
  • Sponsoring: games can now sponsor 1., 2. and 3. places (not only the 1. place finisher).
  • Betting Coins: the amount can now be split between the top 3 players if desired (rather than just winner-takes-all).
  • AI Balancing: the AI is playing a lot less aggressive now on lower difficulty levels. Also, there was a bug making the AI declare war even on the Casual/Easy levels.
  • AI Exploit: AI was accepting to become a protectorate to easily. This is now disabled for multiplayer games & has a smaller likelihood to be accepted in single player matches.
  • Private Messaging: the private message inbox shows an unread message count also for each message that has the [Done] button active (to track read but pending messages). Click the [Done] button to mark as handled. If this is
  • Default Last Joinable Turn (multiplayer): upped to 10 (from 7) to allow players to join later if they like. You can still adjust the setting during game setup if you want a game to be open much longer.
  • Modding: after play-testing a map, the game will return to the editor (rather than the menu screens).
  • Translations: latest translations added. Thanks :-D
  • Translation Thai: bugfix attempt rendering character 0x0E48.
  • Clan Message Board: clan members with status ACTOR or higher can delete messages from the clan message board now!
  • Spelling: misc. fixes!
  • Guest Login: you don't need to enter your old password when setting a new password as you won't know the guest password (was auto-created).
  • Admin Function: we have now the option to add comments to user profiles (e.g. why we flagged or banned them etc.).
  • Admin Function: query function added to locate a player's user accounts for those who have forgotten their login information (if you have an invoice ID, we can now locate your username).
  • Admin Guide: guide updated on how to write admin comments for flagged, banned or disabled users.
  • Bugfix City-Building: the "Tavern" button was wrongly enabled but was never built because the research wasn't completed yet!
  • Bugfix: Moderator messages (via inbox) cannot be blocked and are delivered even if the moderator group has been blocked by a user.
  • Bugfix Server: password recovery via email didn't work (was loading mail-server settings from wrong configuration file).
  • Bugfix Crashes: game would crash at startup while failing to display error dialog when the GUI wasn't loaded yet. Might still fail with the original error though?
  • Bugfix Crashes: when opening a multiplayer game when not logged in (Steam redirect).
  • Bugfix Crashes: changing the audio volume (maybe fixed!?)

play: Age of Conquest IV

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