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a suggestion
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Author:  cascoolgames [ 03 Jan 2019, 05:54 ]
Post subject:  a suggestion

i think it would be great to add different kinds of troops like tanks, armored cars. then it would be cooler cause jou can then attack infantery with a tank. it would also be cool if there where added batlle ships like: destroyers, carriers that would be great

Author:  noblemaster [ 03 Jan 2019, 16:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: a suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion. I am aware that some players would prefer more troops & other features. On the other hand, there are players that prefer less options. Right now, for multiplayer games, fast games can be finished in reasonable time, e.g. an 1h or so. Adding more would be fun on one hand, on the other, a game couldn't be played started & finished in reasonable time anymore.

But now worries. I'll have the feature planned for an upcoming game. :kg:

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