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Some suggestions
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Author:  nadav17461 [ 28 Sep 2018, 23:45 ]
Post subject:  Some suggestions

so first its hell of a game thx for it.
now i have coupel of suggestions.
1- if i move my ship to a land to occupied it and in the naxe turn someone else got it, my ship should move next to the land thet i wanted to take. in the game if i dont take the land my ship dosnt move and i lose actin point for noting at list they move neer the land.
2- the gold has no value after you buy all the map. yes you have games thet you need to gamble but is just because there's nothing to do whit that. if you could put the gold in the game it can be worth somting. like jast a suggest thet like an fertility festiva ( the big one- 1 evry 6 turns) can do it with gold or somting.
3- weather advantage - like 1,2,5% if you attack a snowy area form a normal area the snowy area have the advantage of the snow. its hard to attack those Places.
4- whan you go to a game some data is mising like the strong of the AI its imporant to know this i think we need to know it.

i think its that's enough for now.
Thanks again for the great game.

Author:  Acesupreme [ 30 Jan 2019, 03:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Some suggestions

1. Ships aren't really ships just more as conveys for troops
2. If that was added one could say aoc would become a pay to win as not a lot of players have an easy time gaining coins.
3. Going back on 1 with this one, you should try DoN which has ships and weather.
4. I agree with this suggestion and even done a thread on this myself.

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