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Author:  bendamaster [ 24 Nov 2008, 07:46 ]
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we should really make a topic with all the links in *wink* *wink* ;) ;)

Author:  Naranjo [ 24 Nov 2008, 10:10 ]
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Well... for now the most comprehensive list I've seen is over at the Kingslayers' forum. Follow this link and you've got the list. We can plagarize it, Benda... but I figure we should ask Howard or Mercer first. :)

Author:  Stig [ 24 Nov 2008, 11:23 ]
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Download the toolbar

Author:  claymore [ 24 Nov 2008, 13:30 ]
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Stig wrote:
Download the toolbar

a lot of clan are not in the toolbar...
personaly i don't use it anymore since the ao monitor is available.

Author:  Revol [ 25 Nov 2008, 02:12 ]
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Okay, the way I see it now, there are 4 options:

1.) the list in the wiki-archives: ... alAO.Clans
2.) the list in the king-slayers forum:
3.) to install the AO toolbar
4.) the AO monitor

Of these only the wiki list was linked directly from the AO-websites (before it was put (and hidden) into the archives). The problem with the lists (and with the toolbar?) seems to be that they are not automatically updated (an example of a totally outdated list (from last year) can be found at ... rum=thesty ) The best way for the moment seems to be the AO monitor as its clans-list (as far as I understood) is automatically generated from the game-data. Unfortunately the adresses of the clans-forums are seemingly not included in the game data and are therefore not automatically up-dated and mistakes are still possibly (for example the link to AO-Republic Army forum isn't working in the moment, due to an excessive "www")

I would therefore formulate two feature requests:
First to put a direct link from the main AO-forum (or from the game) to one official listing of clans and their forums.
Second to include a mechanism to keep the forums-adresses up-dated. This may be the inclusion of the forums-adress into the game-data, but maybe someone has a better idea for that...

P.S: Just remembered a fifth way to find a clan forum:

5.) Go to the AO record pages and search the clan:

The clans forum URL is part of the data set, so there must be a "offical registration" of the forum sites (it includes the same mistake as the AO monitor, so I assume the data is identical...) The main problem with this way is the uncomfortable search-procedure, as one has to know the exact writing - everyone who once tried to find the "A.O_Republican_Army" knows what I mean :)

Author:  Biohazard [ 25 Nov 2008, 12:25 ]
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lol nice, the sty gets a mention for being the least up to date, i did that before i went cyprus last year, it's been about 18 months ago now, so yeah probably does need some updating, but as none of the pigs ever use it as they don't visit forums often (even the sty) can't see the point in wasting my game time

but a fine idea all the same someone will get some use out of it compile it and enter it in wiki if you want

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