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«News by TheRepublic»
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Author:  Александр [ 31 Dec 2018, 01:16 ]
Post subject:  «News by TheRepublic»

Today, December 31, 2018, one of the best chancellors of the republic, Alexander, spoke. This speech will unite the republic and the republic will be the strongest!


In the battle of the clans, we were finally able to win
Age of Turk that pokozal that we very quickly gain strength, we also won a lot of insignificant clans.

In the clan battles, we lost only to one clan-Jeny. Hopefully, after an unusually large reformation, we will become the strongest.

And this is the new constitution in the last update-

I have only one request for you dear Republicans
-Please help TheRepublic and be only for her, because while we are the squads we are incredibly strong, do not repeat past examples. Be happy you deserve it.

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